I feel uninspired an obligated to write something. So here is something.

Have this weird phobia of leaving the room for some reason. In any case I'm about to head out now. I like true story want to leave my bag here, just I feel like better to just take it with me. True Story I'm kinda hungry for something besides food but I'll be fine. I feel like I don't have stability well I'm not certain on it either. Like maybe things aren't as bad as I am making them. I mean for battling mental illness I sure seem to be in a good mood. Well I think I'm growing as a person. I think that's where I'm feeling optimistic. Because now I have to be myself an be a better person, there's no more, oh let's pretend. So no matter what, next setback don't throw a tantrum or a fit. Let's try really hard on this one.

I plan to film a couple scenes to finish that documentary. I kind of think I can do a film where I am talking to myself, an I go over the themes of the book. An it all goes back to optimism. I'm even tempted to take a bit from the bong on camera, which is like a job killer if anyone saw it but I'm feeling raw an audacious. I want to convey the thoughts I'm having an hopefully be thought provoking.

I think I should script it. Thing is I should outline the chapters an get the book over with. I got into a nice publishing mood on pages where I just went with it an it was just like fun an the book got longer. Now I'm faced with the quality as the pages have too many errors and the transcriptions are not accurate. To make the book more in the moment I plan to incorporate things that are on my mind. Because it's a journey towards being yourself an that's all it should be. An I am finding just being yourself can be an accomplishment. That's pretty much what the books gonna be about. Because that's what I learned an that's what I would recommend. I mean I'll get critical just need the book to also have a bright side.

Another Day